Dent by Design began in 2002. We’ve always been focused on holistic digital marketing and web design to bring your company into the digital age and drive real value to your customers. Over time the company grew to specialize on serving eco-conscious companies that make a true difference in the world. 

We often focus on digital solutions to augment, improve or disrupt an area of your organization’s digital transformation. This might look like helping you with an app design or journey mapping a customer experience innovation process. Or it could be supporting your web presence growth across multiple touch points including strategy and graphic support for web/mobile sites, media, chat and more.

Beyond digital, we facilitate customer and eco-focused strategy and consult around social responsibility and how to create brand obsession through experiential marketing. 

Being forward thinking can create confusion and stress with employees and customers when there is a large gap between reality and a future that looks much brighter, but which requires walking through the unknown. Because of this, we also support organizations with their change management programs and consult around how to support management and leadership through transition stages of any large or disruptive initiative.

Communication for customers is quite similar to the communication needs of employees; everyone wants to know where they are going and how it will be worth the journey through the muck. They want to feel inspired and act on their emotional desires. We can help you identify those emotional moments that matter most and create compelling, exciting experiences around your brand.

Our global team consists of a small but powerful team of big thinkers, designers, marketers and strategists that have worked at the Fortune 500 and agencies for several decades. 

From empathy tools such as customer journey mapping and facilitation to deploying an agile team to deliver your custom application, we are here to serve your strategic needs with our global network of creative change catalysts.

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Our founder, Ariel Grace Snapp, started the company due to a desire to bring art to the digital world. Her career has spanned from digital marketing to customer experience and user experience design as well as coaching for leaders and creatives. She has helped grow the digital presences of various name brand companies in B2C and B2B including Little Caesars, Corporate Teams, Pitney Bowes and Willis Towers Watson. She has a deep desire to improve the world through better design and holistic, experiential marketing for good. Eventually, her many passions merged to support the foundation of the current service offerings at Dent by Design.