Role: Principal Consultant and Designer
Company Profile: My own design agency and contracting

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Impact Organizations

I work with conscious and caring organizations that use tech for good. I’m also a social impact startup fractional co-founder.

Mentoring & Coaching

I provide coaching support for mission driven leaders, creatives and executives.

Startup Support

Reliquid Startup: I created the marketplace for a B2B commercial real estate brokerage SaaS application that managed over 70 billion in assets.


During my time as an entrepreneur over the years I have been a fractional leader, consultant and coach. We have worked in various formats from mobile devices to desktop with B2B and B2C.

The PRIIME example was a redesign and marketing effort for a non profit. View the PRIIME Case Study

“I am very pleased with how she saw through to the soul of what I want to do, right to the threads of my story and the way she made suggestions without being either forceful or unapproachable. Because of Ariel’s attentiveness and soulful encouragement, I am now fully awake to my mission.”- Will Devine, Coach

Reliquid Commercial Real Estate Exchange Platform

CribShare startup for social sharing of your home

CauseLoop, tracking consumer contribution to social good