Customer & Digital Strategy 

Is your organization ready to expand your digital presence? Are you experiencing the competitive necessity to support digital transformation for your customers? Our strategy and discovery services can cover:

  • Tapping into innovation opportunities through facilitation of innovation workshops, hackathons and micro team exploration
  • Depth based research and insight about your customers or users to find unmet needs
  • Prototyping early concepts for your sales and marketing team to test with customers
  • Facilitating customer journey mapping sessions to discover the most important moments for your customers and brainstorm quick wins and broader solutions

Our strategic services may include:

  • Research and analysis: Surveys, interviews, contextual inquiry based discovery, web analytics review
  • Empathy Tools: Creating personas and customer or user visuals to understand their needs and motivations at a deeper level and share them with your organization
  • Social Impact Brand Audit: We’ll review your existing brand and strategy and provide recommendations for focus and reach
  • Customer experience journey mapping for transformation or innovation
  • Customer or user experience strategy for your organization, product or service

Leadership Coaching

Beyond our strategic and advisory services, we specialize in leadership consulting for the disruptive creative leaders making a difference by taking risks. Is your organization supporting a diversity of voices and perspectives? Let us help your leadership teams overcome obstacles and find common ground for moving through conflict, personal strength and “red tape.”

Digital Design

Digital design tactical implementation may include:

  • Design workshops and group facilitation
  • Cross platform interface design
  • Visual design: Mood boards, High-Fidelity Design Mockups, Responsive Design
  • Style Guides or Digital Guides, Digital Branding Guidelines
  • Design of your website, user interface or enterprise level software as a service system

Digital Marketing 

Social is everything. Your brand needs to create content, and it needs to be smart about how it does it. Let us help you create your social and content marketing strategy for impact and scale. Our services include:

  • Social media marketing strategy, branding and content strategy and implementation schedule across customers-specific channels
  • Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest paid advertising setup and support
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for your website
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Designing Impact Experiences

We can assist your organization to bring together cross sector industry leaders for new and unusual outcomes. Through research and support with designing your events, services or products, we’ll help you narrow in on the influencers and industry experts to work with for the best outcomes for your company and social mission.

Impact Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs and Conscious Leaders

This intimate group program runs monthly with small group support and 1:1 coaching. It helps social entrepreneurs and conscious leaders to review their mission/vision, get feedback on their current state, plan new actions, clear doubt and take massive inspired action. It also includes a Social Impact Brand Audit where we review your current brand and provide immediate recommendations for action! We end with accountability/support for ongoing action. Learn more and sign up here!


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