We get it! The pressures facing social impact companies and non-profits are unique and different than the pure profit sector. There is much more to consider when considering impact to the world with your business practices. Plus, funding is always a top of mind consideration. Certainly it is important to truly, deeply understand your donors and the people that support your organization to do what you do. Plus, there is the consideration of cross-industry involvement and advocating that changes what is truly possible for your cause. 

Regardless of your priorities and resources, it is important that the brand of your organization is clearly defined, communicated and articulated to both your donors and those you serve.

We’ve seen a LOT of non-profits that undervalue their digital presence and thus lose out on significant opportunities for global reach, support and connection. That’s where we come in.

The Social Impact Brand Audit is one of our most popular services for new clients. Think of it like a quick and holistic overview of your strategy, brand assets and collateral, story and approach for reaching your donors and target audience. 

We’ve helped impact entrepreneurs, non-profits and social ventures distill their brand and make the necessary strategic moves towards their goals which truly make a difference in the world.

“Dent by Design’s Audit helped my impact brand so much! Together, we came up with changes to my social media strategy and branding that capture my essence!”
– Jess Reidell
Founder, Mystic Mavens​
I am very pleased with how Dent by Design saw through to the soul of what I do, right to the threads of my story. They made suggestions without being either forceful or unapproachable. Because of their attentiveness my mission has come alive.”
Will Devine
Owner, Creative Alchemy

What does this service include?

In this process we will (for an individual or organization)