What is it?
A four month program designed to allow you the support and space you need as a busy entrepreneur to align to and shift your current impact mission, plan actions and move through “reality” fears. We support one another, grow relationship and leave with accountability support and actions fit to our needs!

Who is it for?
Social or mission based entrepreneurs or conscious business leaders wanting to make a dent by being the change and creating real improvement for the planet. 

What do we do / what does it include?
Each month we will meet in an intimate small group setting via zoom video conference (Up to 5 people per group). 

Month 1: Vision. You’ll be guided to review your existing vision/mission and deepen into new discoveries or changes for how it is evolving and share this in the group for feedback and support.

Month 2: Plan + Clear “Reality” Blocks. This week you’ll align your planning for your shifts to your mission and clear through fear/doubt/blocks that come up with the gap between reality and the vision.

Month 3: Inspired Action. This is the week you make the phone calls, find the grants, book the events and take some serious leaps (that may make you want to throw up, but we’ll hold your energy through it!)

Month 4: Set Accountability / Support:  You’ve made a ton of progress in a short time and the integration of these (quantum level) shifts will require some support. We’ll agree to who/how you’ll receive it and set you up for success.

++++PLUS: included is one monthly 90 minute coaching session with Dent by Design founder, Ariel Grace Snapp.  Topics can include anything from business/strategy to healing/energy work (advice/coaching or consulting, your choice).

++++PLUS: Social Impact Brand Audit. This is a high level review of all of your digital presence graphics/branding/marketing to date and immediate and strategic recommendations on improvements/focus areas based on your unique focus. (Value $2,500+). Learn more here.

How much is the investment? $5,800, payable via credit card

When does the next one start? 

This is a rolling program where I begin as soon as I fill up a group. 

Coaching calls: Setup individually. 

Ready to dive in?  Pay below and reserve your space

Hi, I’m Ariel Grace Snapp, the founder and CEO of Dent by Design, an impact digital agency based out of Colorado.

I have a deep passion for helping other mission driven leaders make a difference in organizations big and small!

I have worked in digital and customer experience as a leader for 16 years. I am a trained coach with the Newfield Network in ontological coaching (holistic mind/body/spirit) coaching, a published author, a speaker and most importantly, a mom!

I believe in the value of shared energy and coaching so deeply, that I created this intensive group to support others. It can be lonely being a visionary or a leader without support, and I am invested in helping you!