Role: Dir of UX & Design, HR Software, moved into CX Operational Leadership
Company Profile: Fortune 500 HR Software, Insurance & Consulting

Top Results

Global HR Surveys

Turned around a high profile failing project (wasted 10 million) with user centered principles resulting in saving the business for the employee survey tool

Customer Centricity

Created change management advocates with the CX Ops and journey mapping and supported company transformation and focused projects based on customer journeys
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Operational Efficiency

Consolidated the design of several disparate software tools with the first design system


While at Wills Towers Watson I was able to build and lead the UX and design team, managing both managers and dozens of individual contributors across a global team in the HR Software suite of products.

After I established the UX team, I established and led a CX team in the Organizational Excellence group, where I led a small insight team of BI and qualitative researchers to establish customer-centric goals that were directly tied to performance and talent management.I was a keynote speaker at the HR Software conference, highlighting empathy and user experience in the employee experience.

To inspire innovation, I designed and ran the first-ever hackathon in the HR Software group. The participants created working prototypes based on under-solved wicked HR and talent management problems. It was so successful that we brought it to the first HR Software conference, where HR software customers and HR users got to participate and support the innovation. I was also a speaker at the conference.