Can Science Help Prove the Validity of Ancient Spiritual Teachings?

The Prabhupada Research Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to help advance scientific study in the domain of quantifiable knowledge from ancient spiritual practices.

They hired Dent by Design to help them revamp their digital presence and help translate the essence of their work to reach the minds and hearts of specific target donors. 

We applied our process of design thinking by leveraging discovery, evaluating their specific needs and tailoring solutions to specifically address their challenges as a rapid-paced non-profit.


Learning About Their Donors

During the discovery phase in working with PRIIME, we were able to clearly define the donor population and their specific desires, needs and language to use in the branding and marketing copy for their marketing materials. There was a wide audience with differing perspectives to consider. They were looking to serve a global and multi-cultural audience, and the language and branding needed to honor the range of people that would leverage their material. Additionally, they were targeting academics as well as people with different religious views. It was important to access a common language that appealed to all of their audiences, while focusing on the scientific data and findings that they were discovering and wanting to continue funding.

Overall Result: Clear Message and Simple to Use Digital Voice

Once we completed this engagement, PRIIME was able to clearly articulate their vision, mission and values as well as tell the meaningful story of their work to donors. They had a digital website and copy / marketing language that they could move forward into the rest of their work and aquire the future funding they needed.

Storytelling in Digital

In developing the website, we focused on delivering something that specifically served the client’s maintenance needs. A simple CMS and instructions on how to maintain their site was to the point and not bloated, perfect for any non-profit that needs to be able to have something professional while also easy to maintain, and cost effective.

In supporting PRIIME with their marketing copy, we helped them to tease out the story from the research, to tell the reason why they were developing the work further and truly get to the essence of the importance of their findings – and their need for further donor support.

Prior to working with Dent by Design, there was no cohesive message to their research findings beyond the scientific explanation. In order to truly appeal to the hearts of donors, we worked together to tell the story of why they are doing this work and how significant it will continue to be in the future. We helped them with the key imagery and messaging to move them into significant funding opportunities.

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