My management style is based on the same principles that I bring forward in every encounter:
be human centric, empathetic and care based, while expecting excellence and the highest quality of ethics and service. I have had the pleasure of scaling three design teams in the last decade; have led and managed external relationships with partners like PWC and have scaled and managed contractors and FTE teams in my own consulting agencies as well. I am oriented around business language and results, and often work at the level of the executives helping to create the company narratives from a customer and user perspective which drive direct results with sales, reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction in a direct way.
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Pitney Bowes, Willis Towers Watson and Trimble were global fortune 500 organizations with both B2B, B2B2P, B2C customers to consider. It was critical to focus on both the internal relationships with Customer advocates outside of silos as well as build and scale the UX, design, research & insight and UX Ops related practices. At smaller companies and Startups, similar principles apply, and we can move more nimbly with reaching users.

I bring in the Tempkin UX maturity model as well as other tools to encourage a healthy perspective of where an organization is and where it has the potential to grow.

My teams implement Design Sprints using a lightweight scrum practice based on the Agile philosophy.

Typically I design teams with generalists in UX & Design, then specialize as the team scales.

I have managed and scaled teams from 2-20 throughout my career. I have had management leaders that report to me and manage teams. This has included UX design, visual design, front end development, tech documentation and content strategy, research and insight.

I have helped design and scale team career ladders, upskiling, workshop facilitation, time management and personal development and coaching for my teams to become leaders and change agents.