Ariel excels in her role as a Director and design leader, always exhibiting strong leadership and management skills. In a short time, Ariel built a strong UX team that supports multiple areas in the organization (research, design systems – including engineering, design, strategy). Through her agility and perseverance, she is able to take the UX team to a level of maturity where research has its dedicated resources, and UX plays a fundamental role in core product decisions. Ariel is a great mentor and can keep any projects moving forward positively. Her passion for UX and art is contagious, and it’s a pleasure to have her as a manager.

Ariel Snapp, Director of UX Platform at Trimble is an exemplary leader whose impact on our UX team and the broader organization has been inspiring, and collaborative. Her leadership style is characterized by a unique blend of inspiration, thoughtfulness, and a keen understanding of the intricate dynamics of design and user experience. Ariel’s agility and perseverance have been instrumental in overcoming challenges. Her passion for UX is infectious, inspiring team members to approach their work with creativity and dedication. Her vision, dedication, and ability to inspire positive change make her an exceptional professional.

Salvator Reda, Worked together, Sal is a Senior UX Design at SketchUp

I have had the pleasure of working with Ariel over the past year. Ariel’s level of professionalism and UX leadership experience is impressive. I was drawn to her willingness to engage in collaboration across teams, challenge the status quo and lead with vision. As a hiring Director she also showed her strength in building diverse design teams with a focus on research and empathy. I am glad to have a friend and colleague willing to put in the hard work to make the world a little better. I hope to have the pleasure of working with Ariel for years to come!

Tyler Barnard, Director of Product Management for Digital Transformation, peer who I collaborated with extensively in marketing side for and digital transformation

Ariel is an exceptional manager and mentor who is dedicated to the success of her team. Her passion for customer advocacy paired with her expertise across UX, business strategy and marketing makes her an extraordinary and thoughtful design leader. Working under Ariel has been a true pleasure and meaningful learning experience as I have witnessed her take UX to new heights at Automox.
As a manger of UX research, I have deeply enjoyed having Ariel as my director. Her unique ability to craft compelling narratives from data-driven design helped bring complex and abstract concepts to life across design, product, and engineering teams at Automox. Before expansive company growth, she set a well-rounded UX foundation based on lean, yet rigorous, design thinking. As the UX team scaled, she supported her team in building upon that foundation in ways that allowed UX to have a larger impact on the holistic user experience. I always look forward to working with Ariel – she is a caring and humble mentor!
Ariel is an incredible trustworthy leader who empowers her team to deliver immensely valuable information while also coaching her colleagues along the way. She is transparent, an expert in her field, incredibly empathetic and a great listener. Her decades of experience along with her passion for building and leading people are always on display, her exuberance for learning from others is clearly visible and she is just a wonderful human being. It’s a privilege to work with her, learn from her and see her intangible skills on a daily basis. Without question, she is a leading light for an organization.